Perspectives – On failure

This is going to be part of a new series on the blog called – Perspectives. One of my favourite things is getting to know people. Past the small talk about the weather or what they are doing with their life and getting to the deeper stuff. One aspect of this is gaining an understanding … Continue reading Perspectives – On failure

5 tips for​ staying productive

I love productivity. I am a goal getter and a doer. I love setting goals, writing to-do lists and pretty much anything that allows me to buy new stationery. However, I was not always successful at accomplishing the things I set out to do. My first year of university taught me a lot about myself. … Continue reading 5 tips for​ staying productive

Two important ingredients in the slow fashion journey: Discipline & Grace

There are a lot of things I have found helpful since making the switch to a more responsible shopping lifestyle. I learned a lot from bloggers, slow fashion and sustainable living advocates as well as small businesses. I learned about myself. About my shopping habits, my impulsivity and that my MOM was right to be … Continue reading Two important ingredients in the slow fashion journey: Discipline & Grace

Social Media Breaks – Can they help?

I think social media can be a great tool. It can also be a fun way to take a break from life. However, it can be problematic too. Comparisons, wasting time and anti-social behaviour can occur. We all know that social media is not real life. Life is complicated and messy and far from perfect. … Continue reading Social Media Breaks – Can they help?