Fighting Human Trafficking: Dressember

One of the blog posts I have been planning for December was to write about human trafficking. This was because of Dressember which I will further discuss below. It is a time when women are wearing dresses and men are wearing bow ties to raise awareness and funds to help fight human trafficking. Human Trafficking … Continue reading Fighting Human Trafficking: Dressember

My Sister – Cute tees with a message

My sister has a mission of preventing sex trafficking. My Sister is involved in educating communities, empowerment and providing aftercare for survivors of sex-trafficking. Buy a tee and you get to tell a story. From the ethical sourcing of the material to the statement it makes to the conversations you can have. You get to … Continue reading My Sister – Cute tees with a message


YAAAAAAY!! 🙂 🙂  Omgsh I am SUPER excited. I took a step of faith and look at the outcome. We raised $290 for WipeEveryTear in the past couple of months!! I am truly grateful for all of you!! I do love this community of generous individuals who refuse to do nothing about human trafficking. ❤ ❤ … Continue reading CELEBRATION!!!!

Why human trafficking (Part 2)

I know I said I would post the next blog this week and look at that I barely made it. 😉 Seriously though now that I have talked about some of the numbers and the problem here is my take on the solution/possible solutions. Yes I believe we can make a difference but that required … Continue reading Why human trafficking (Part 2)