Hi there! I’m Bethlehem but you can call me Bety. Most days you can find me reading, learning or drinking coffee and creating arguments in my head! 😉 I am mostly known for my compassion, idealism, and style. I love serving through education. I am a huge advocate of learning whether it be through formal education, reading or workshops. The things I am most passionate about in the world are Jesus, Justice, and Hope!!! I write and inspire people who desire to learn more about intentional living as well as create resources for those who are looking for ways to curate a more ethical wardrobe.

When I am not writing and working on Intentional Elegance you can find me at:

  • School – I am currently in the final semester of my undergraduate degree
  • Volunteering at church and at school
  • Going out to eat with friends AND
  • Dreaming of Italy

Want to learn more about me?
1. I am in LOVE with Seely Booth and Spencer Reid (My friends dispute this claim 😂)
2. I have been to Italy 3 times and lived in Ethiopia for the first 16 years of my life
3. I am passionate about seeing the end of human trafficking and that is what inspired me to apply/go to law school
4. I am terrified of birds – I think it’s called Ornithophobia

I am so excited that you stumbled to this place!! I love meeting and connecting with people so feel free to follow along on Instagram.


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