Perspectives – On failure

This is going to be part of a new series on the blog called – Perspectives. One of my favourite things is getting to know people. Past the small talk about the weather or what they are doing with their life and getting to the deeper stuff. One aspect of this is gaining an understanding of various perspectives. I love how different we humans are. How we interpret things, how we see the world and how we do this thing called life. I want to share some of those stories here. I want to take some of the things we have all dealt with like failure and doubt and some not so common things and share them here. I love stories. I think they are beautiful, encouraging and inspirational. However, by far my favourite aspect of a story is the capacity it has to make me feel less alone. In hearing my friends struggle with doubt or faith I feel less isolated. I feel known and loved. This is my hope for this series. That you dear reader walk away feeling known, feeling hopeful and feeling loved!!! 💛💛💛

The first topic is failure. Failure according to is a lack of success. I am sure none of us need this definition. We are all familiar with the sting of defeat. The pain that comes from feeling like you are not good enough or your best effort is not good enough. We are familiar with the accompanying emotions of regret and desire to quit or hide. However, if we are at all interested in growth and building of character I believe failure is necessary. As humans we won’t get things perfectly right the first time maybe not even the 10thtime for that matter. We fail yes but the beauty is in the getting back up again. In learning and then adjusting and if it happens failing again. However, knowing these things does not necessarily mean we are impervious to the pain of failure. That is why I have asked a couple of friends to share their stories of failure with us. I want to remind you and myself that it is possible to succeed after failing.

For this issue, I am fortunate enough to have Hanha and Priska sharing their stories. So without further ado here are their perspectives on failure. 🙂

I think one of my biggest failures was not doing well the first time I took the MCAT, which is the entrance exam to apply to medical school. When taking the test, there is no failing score per say, but I ranked in a very low percentile, which is why I considered it a failing score. Initially, I was devastated and actually started thinking about other careers.

I don’t think I was upset because I failed the exam. It was the fact that I believed in God for a certain result and it felt like He didn’t “come through.” I was leaning on scripture like Matthew 7:7, “Ask and you shall receive,” and I saw faith as a formula. You believe God for something, and then He provides it.

But I’ve come to understand and learn that faith doesn’t work like that. You can and should believe in God for certain things, but when or if it doesn’t work out, you can still trust that He has a better plan for your life! That’s why one of my favorite scripture, as it relates to failure is Galatians 6:9 where it says, “Do not become weary in well doing because at the proper time, you will receive your harvest if you do not give up.”

So whatever goal you have in mind, be encouraged and don’t be afraid of failure. If it works out, great! If not, trust and know that God knows exactly what He’s doing. It’s always working out for your good!

                                                                                                               Hanha Hobson


When it comes to failure, I’ve had my fair share of experience.  I’m one of those people who excel in the School of Hard Knocks.  If you tell me something can’t work, I’ll try to prove that to be true or false myself.  I remember as a kid, I was one of those who needed to prove for myself whether or not humans can fly.  

Call it determination or foolishness, but either way, I’m programmed this way.  I simply must know for myself whether something is possible.  And even if an idea isn’t possible at a certain time, I’ll try again later.

Recently, I decided to make my first YouTube video. As a blogger, it seems like it would be a natural transition from typing world into filming world.  WRONG!  I realized pretty quickly that I’ve developed my craft of wordsmithing over the past couple of decades, but this video thing?  I’m on Day 1 of a long road ahead.  I wanted to film a 5-minute video telling a personal story because that sounds not hard, right?  WRONG, again!  I filmed for 2 hours because #outtakes and at a public park because #naturerocks.  I came home to assemble the video only to realize I filmed during a windstorm.  Of course, during filming, I realized wind was blowing in my face, but I had no idea that all the mic picked up was the howling of the oncoming storm. DOI!  I chalked it up to lack of experience, but you know what I did next?

I tried again.  This time indoors.  This time, without all the extra B-roll and pretty scenery and trying to mimic professional YouTubers.  I just tried to accomplish my simple goal to “Create a YouTube video”.

The things that helped me complete this project were:

  1. Knowing I was doing this for a larger purpose. I felt God was leading me to make this video.  It certainly wasn’t in my skill set or my natural desire to do it. But that larger calling helped me push through the embarrassment of failure.
  2. A sense of humor!

A lot of time, we see success in other people and think, “That person is an overnight success.”  What you don’t see is all the times Taylor Swift was writing music at age 12, failing to string the lyrics together.  You don’t see all the hours Bill Gates spent at his high school trying to learn to program. More personally, you don’t see all the times your mom failed at getting the little baby you to stop crying.  Life is trial and error, but you must keep trying!

As you think about failure, I hope you will keep this Scripture in mind.  In 2 Corinthians 12, verse 9, God promises:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

When you fail, do you glare at your weaknesses? And when you succeed, do you tote your strengths?  My YouTube video was inspired by God, so I had to rely on His grace to teach me how to do it.  When I failed, He said, “Try again.  This time, with my wisdom.”  When I succeeded, it was because He graced me to keep going.”

Friend, I hope your prayer will not be to find success from your own strength but to live in God’s all-sufficient grace for whatever task He has called you to.

If you’d like to check out the aforementioned video, click here

                                                                                                                                    Priska Jordan






About the Authors

Hanha Hobson – is the founder of Transparency Blog. Her mission is to use real stories to encourage and provide resources to help you uncover YOUR identity in Christ. She does this through articles, free resources and products like the Jesus is Bae ebook.


Priska Jordan – has a website for millennial women filled with SO much wisdom and vulnerability. She writes about faith, work, and love. If you’re looking to read and learn from someone who is real, passionate and kind then head on over to her website.

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