#2ways with Vetta

This is a series I created as a creative challenge for myself as well as a way to do the most with the items I have in my closet. It is incredibly easy for me to want new things. I am still a little bit of an impulsive shopper. This challenge, as well as my shopping guidelines for myself, helps me curb that impulsivity. Ideally, my goal is to purchase something only if I can see myself styling it two different ways as well as being able to wear it for two different seasons. SO, with this series, I will be sharing 2 different ways to style an item in my closet. I personally want to see that I have options but also want to inspire YOU to come up with your own outfit options. To love and have fun with the wardrobe you have than to wish for more or for something different. I think it is important to cultivate contentment and this can hopefully be a fun way to do so.


Today’s ITEM is:- The Rust Coloured Duster from Vetta


Outfit 1: Jeans + Blouse + Duster


I was not a 100% certain that I would be able to dress down this duster. However, I love how it turned out with my boyfriend jeans.



Outfit 2: Dress + Duster + Sseko sandals



C6335B94-3197-4404-B9C1-E447C91BF500 2.JPG

AND a bonus look with some black shorts




Also, those with shorter legs can probably wear this gorgeous duster or a similar one as a dress!!!


The tencel material is great to dress up too. It looks silky and smooth.

I cannot wait for fall to come around and I can wear this with tights and some black boots.

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