Intentional Living

Intentional: done on purpose; deliberate*

I want ALL of my life to be filled with purpose. The way I spend my money, how I spend my time etc. I want my values and actions to match. I want to be deliberate in the way I live my life. I know that the journey to a more ethical wardrobe is just a beginning. There is so much to learn AND many changes that will happen in the course of my life. Changes to what beauty products I buy. Changes to the way I travel. Changes to my plastic consumption. I do not ever want to stop growing and changing. I want all this growth and changes to be intentional though. To build routines that are propelling me towards my purpose.

This is why I love the word intentional. In a world where busy and rushing and multitasking is celebrated, I think it is important to spend a little time deliberating. To evaluate the impact of our actions. This could be the way we speak. Do we speak life? Hope? Truth? Or are we the haters? Are we the ones who discourage others? How about the way we spend our time? Are we wasteful? I think Netflix is amazing BUT I do not want to spend a lot of time watching others live their lives on a screen.

Intentional; done on purpose*. That is the legacy I want to live behind. Join me?


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