Setting goals – After the new year

It’s March! We are a fourth of the way into the new year. I don’t know what December 31 was like for you guys. Or what the first couple of weeks of January looked like. If you were hopeful and expectant of change, of new beginnings, of becoming all the things you wish you were. If it looked like pushing past limitations and Netflix addictions to doing something a little more productive. Or maybe those were the plans you had. The New Year’s resolutions you wrote as you drank some holiday drink.

For me this year I didn’t set any new goals. I still had a bunch of things I wanted to be disciplined in doing from last year. I did print some goal sheets but I never got around to filling them out. I wanted to keep up with my exercise routine. I wanted to invest more in my writing. I wanted to spend more time with the people in my life. I wanted to read my Bible. I wanted to read more books. For the most part, I have kept up with my goals. Especially since I only had one new discipline I needed to learn. The rest I have been working on since 2016.

Most of my life I created a resolution list that was long. I mean it was impressive. Like I would get points for being the most ambitious. But that is not how life works and recently I have learned that it’s not the best way to set out goals. I have learned that it is more important to be consistent! I have learned to keep going even when I mess up or skip a workout. I am slowly learning to find joy in progress rather than perfection.

It is okay to start again in March. Or to pick up from where you left off. We don’t always have to start fresh you know. It’s okay if you can’t even remember what your goals were. Sometimes there is beauty in the attempt. In the hope that you felt in the New Year, the excitement and possibility in the air. It is also perfectly okay to say today is the day. Today I am going to read the book I’ve been meaning to read or start prepping for the nutrition plan I’ve been meaning to follow. AND then you start. Even though it is March 8th and there aren’t a lot of people making new goals you START. Then you do it again tomorrow. Then the day after and you keep going. You might mess up here and there but the trick I have learned is to keep on, keepin’ on!


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