My journey towards an ethical wardrobe

I love fashion. I love Italian shoes, leather, and handbags. I love new outfits. I love putting my clothes together creating an outfit. I love figuring out what goes well together and experimenting. About a year and half ago I heard about slow fashion. I have been an anti-human trafficking advocate for about 3 years now. Never during that time though did I link my fashion choice to human trafficking and forced labour. I never really asked this question; who made my clothes?

I remember the days working in retail where I would spend most of my pay cheque buying clothes. My mom used to complain about my lack of restraint when it comes to pretty things that I just had to have. I was consumed with purchasing. With adding more clothes to my closet. The kind of constant purchasing was incredibly tough on my finances I recognized that much but it was also more than that. It was more than knowing that I needed to have better impulse control skills. 😉 I was consumed with consuming. I also did not value the things I had. Buying cheap trendy things meant it did not last long or I would get tired of it quickly. I was okay with buying a shirt and only wearing it once.

I did not understand my purchasing power. I did not recognize that I was voting with my dollar. The idea of shopping responsibly from an ethics standpoint was new to me. I mean I knew I should be more financially responsible but that was it. I knew that I valued equality and fairness. I knew that I hate exploitation but until then I did not recognize how much injustice was tied to fast fashion. Once I researched & did some reading though I was convinced. I was aware of the problems of fast fashion. By that point I knew what the right thing to do was. I also knew it was going to be hard and not easy. I was right. So far I have made plenty of mistakes like not planning ahead BUT learned so much as well. I have learned about lots of fantastic ethical companies and about saying no. Granted it has meant avoiding malls like some sort of infectious disease but that was what worked for me starting out.

Choosing not to buy anything for 6 months (aside from books, school stuff etc) was hard. After the 6 months I evaluated what I needed and purchased clothing items from companies like Raven + Lily. It has meant buying 1 summer dress instead of 6. It has meant budgeting and planning ahead. It has meant treating my clothes like investments and there is a lot for me to learn. There is still a lot of work to be done in terms of discipline. There has also been a lot of progress and growth. I can actually walk by a sale sign at the mall without the urge to go in & buy something. So that has been my journey for the past year. Living more intentionally. I think we all have some area of our lives where we could be more intentional. Maybe you need to buy less, work out more, or eat healthier. Whatever it is I promise you it is worth it to invest in becoming a better person. Growth is incredible but it is also hard and requires work & consistency. I’m cheering you on though!🎉🎉 Tell me what is one area that you would like more growth in?

Love. B:)

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