Being salt like

Be a salt. Well maybe not turn yourself into salt exactly; although if you figure out how to do that hmu! 😉 I also don’t mean be salty. I mean be a salt in the sense of living out your purpose. What does salt do? Well I’m no expert but I would confidently say that salt adds flavor. It makes a difference when I add salt in my scrambled eggs in the morning verse when I don’t. I can also tell when there is no salt in my food. I can accurately identify what’s missing in my salad or lasagna and then add some salt and transform the dish. Yes people I am a culinary genius!

I always understood the whole be a light command/metaphor in the Bible. In a world with stars and celebrities it’s hard not to picture what it means to shine. But that’s not a concept I am unpacking today. Today it’s all about being salt. It’s about knowing your purpose, being unapologetic in who you are. It’s about doing what you are meant to do and being who you are called to be. No rivals, no comparisons just you and God and this life you’ve been given.

Salt for most people is not a luxury. Salt is not very glamorous. Most of us have it in our kitchen. It is incredibly ordinary but that does not make it unimportant. It does not compare itself to the pepper sitting next to it and lose its flavor or give up its purpose. A salt does not one day decide to be sugar because that’s what’s trending or whatever. I hope you get what I am saying even if salt isn’t your thing.

Be a salt means know your purpose. It means don’t let your circumstance dictate your attitude. It means don’t let your situation cause you to neglect your purpose. Don’t stop doing the work. The hard work of being a good human, of being more like Jesus. Don’t stop being a believer and giver of grace. Don’t stop believing in love, loyalty, honor and the sacred stuff just because everybody else seems to be over it. I get it. It is hard sometimes being constant and true to who you are; who you’re becoming. I have to say though most of the time the hard stuff is the stuff that’s worth it.

I’m telling you salts got it figured out. They know their purpose. They are doing their best to make this world a tastier place one meal at a time. So you don’t have to do this huge grand thing. Unless you want to in which case that’s cool too. I think mostly what you have to do is love people, use things. I think that is an awesome place to start. Then maybe you can add being a little bit kinder, more forgiving and trustworthy. Avoid hurting people, being dismissive and ignoring your community. Start here and watch the difference it makes in your life and the lives around you when you make a point to be more intentional. More intentional with your time, your relationships and the resources you have.

So there it is my take on the practical steps of being a salt. I get it though if every once in a while you forget and be salty instead! 😉


B. 🙂

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