Raven + Lily

This summer and fall one of my go to outfits has been the Raven + Lily Madina hand embroidered dress/tunic. It is so easy to wear. For the warm weather I just pull it on and add some sandals. It can also be dressed up with some heels and a clutch for going out. Besides how beautiful it is one of the reasons I love this dress is how it was made! A dress that is fair-trade as well as being eco-friendly and naturally dyed is a win for me! The dress is made using traditional artisan skills which I think is incredible! I love it when my clothes look good and empower women at the same time! #girlpower

Buying ethically made clothing is more expensive. I knew this when I started out on this journey of more conscious and ethical closet. One of the things I had to do was buy less. For example for the summer I only bought one dress instead of the 4-5 I usually get. I opted for a thoughtfully made dress that would reflect my values instead of adding variety to my closet. As a student I do not have a lot of discretionary income so I have to plan out carefully what I am purchasing. That is another thing this journey into an ethical closet had thought me. The valuable lesson of budgeting. 😉

I wore it a lot during my trip this summer so here are a few pictures of the lovely dress with Lausanne as the background!


For the cooler weather here in Calgary I added a blazer and boots and was able to transition this outfit to another season. These days one of the questions I ask myself before making a  purchase is the versatility of the clothing item. Am I able to wear this during different seasons? Can I wear it casually & dress it up?



I am not lying when I say about 90% of my pictures have my eyes closed in it! 😉 img_0130img_0122

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