Rest + Relaxation

This summer I got to spend about a month is Switzerland. Ahh I know it was wonderful. It was a dream come true in every way possible. I loved hanging out with my family, sleeping in and exploring Lausanne. It was an incredible time of rest and relaxation. I had been telling one of my friends that I needed a break. I needed a break from the constant to do lists and busy schedules and feeling like the world would collapse if I took a day off. I feel like this is classic workaholic + perfectionist syndrome but I just did not know how to avoid it. I was exhausted from work, volunteering, school, hobbies and trying to have a social life. I have a tendency to over commit so I end up feeling exhausted or binge-watching a TV show to avoid the overwhelming feelings i get. So when my family decided to take a trip I was excited! I knew something had to give. I wanted a time of no alarm clocks. No emails. No deadlines. Just me and my family exploring a new city.

The trip was incredible! The food, the countryside, the culture, the fashion I pretty much fell in love with everything. One of the things I love which might seem weird is the public transport system. It was great! Calgary is a bit of a hassle in terms of taking transit so I couldn’t help but compare. It was also nice to hang out with my family. To sit together and talk and laugh and connect with each other. It was one of my favourite parts of the trip. Also everything was picturesque. I tried to document that the best as I can with my iPhone so here are a few pictures.


But now I am back. The jet lag has gone. School has started. It’s my third week so things have definitely picked up. I am excited about school, new routines, sweater weather and lots of warm coffee. I’m also very excited about Freely Elegant. Excited to write more and see where it goes. It is hard. Committing to writing and then the WRITING part itself is difficult. It’s a discipline I haven’t fully developed yet. So I am going to put this down in writing. I feel like it will help keep me accountable. I am going to publish a post on my blog every Wednesday. So that is once a week. I have been told that consistency is key and that is what I am striving towards. I am striving towards constancy + commitment and through that hopefully the development of my voice.
Freely Elegant has changed from my initial goal when I started. As it changes; as I change I hope you are patient. If you want to chat or send me blog ideas feel free to email me at:
Love. B. 🙂

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