Babe, it’s just a hike!

I made it to the top. I thought I should get that out of the way. About a month ago a friend and I went on a hike. I thought it would be fun to hangout and do something I haven’t done in a while. When I started the hike I was fairly confident that I would get to the top. So I started chatting and climbing with my friend. I gotta say the first 40 minutes were a BREEZE! It was filled with speed walking and heart to heart with my friend. Then I started to feel the pain. I found it difficult to talk and walk at the same time so I slowly became quiet. Which if you know me is a sign of distress because I am quite the chatterbox. 😉 After a while I felt very weak and dizzy. I was pushing myself and I am so not used to doing that physically. I felt like I couldn’t get to the top. The confidence that I had at the beginning was gone and only my stubbornness and determination were left. I began to question my sanity. Why did I think I could do this? My idea of an exercise is walking in between my classes at school. 😉 I felt ridiculous for attempting this hike and like I was holding back my friend.

Soon enough I was done and ready to call it quits. I even had excuses. I had a headache for the past couple of days before the hike and I was just getting over a cold. I shouldn’t be hiking in my condition (my excuses were flimsy at best). The only reason I made it to the top is because of my wonderful encouraging friend and my stubborn pride. I really hated the idea of going back down without making it to the top. One of the hardest parts in making the decision of whether to keep on going or go back down was not knowing how much more I had left to go. If I knew I had made it past the halfway point it would be easier to keep on going but if I hadn’t even made it there then I would rather go back.

This made me think though how sometimes life can be like that. We do not get a detailed description on how far we have to go or how much more we have to work before achieving our dreams. I am always so eager at the beginning. When I am writing down my goals and what I want to accomplish. It’s hard to think of all the work that needs to be done when I get caught up in the excitement of beginning. After the initiall excitement though comes the hard work. The time of being disciplined and pushing through even if it seems much better or easier to quit. It is a time of praying and asking for strength. Trust me there was a lot of Lord help me prayers going on while I was hiking. He did though. He was faithful. At some point I should probably stop acting surprised when He acts exactly like He is.

Sometimes things are tough. The plans we lay out and obsess over go awry. It is these times though that refine us. The decisions we make when life isn’t smooth or going as we planned are important. We have to be pushed and tested to see what we are made off. Oh and is it ever sweet when we come out strong. Whether we overcome a struggle, push through when we want to give up or finish the hike we set out to do. All of these things show us what we are capable off.

I was so proud of my self when I made it to the top. I was dancing. Yes there is a video of me out there acting a fool! 😉 So surround yourself with people who encourage you, who believe in you and then go set the world on fire. Or your little part of the world. Your school. Your church. Your workplace. I don’t know but wherever it is whatever your dreams are don’t talk your self out of it. Keep on walking. Keep on learning. Then DANCE when you get to the top. Or when you’re halfway there. Celebrate the little victories. Because at the end of the day babe, it’s just a hike. Yes it’s long and tiring and seems overwhelming and scary. It seems harder than it was supposed to be. But I repeat it is just a hike. You will get to the top, you will accomplish what you set out to do. Yes in between there will be a lot of whining, maybe some tears BUT that’s when you gotta lean in to Jesus. Draw strength from him. Surround yourself with your people. You know the ones who believe in you and hold you accountable. Then keep on walking. Take a break if you need to. Rest up drink some coffee. Keep on MOVING!

Love, B. 🙂

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