Spring Style

It is feeling like summer here in Calgary. Although the weather here does love to be temperamental and change its mind about a few of times a week and sometimes a few times a day. 😉

I wanted to share an unexpected but beautiful necklace I found over the last week of May. I was attending a conference and we had a lovely performance from the Watoto kids choir. After the show they were selling beautiful jewelry, bags and CD’s.

I was so grateful for the opportunity to buy a necklace + avoid shipping costs. Sometimes it is really hard to find pretty & ethical accessories here in Calgary. Although I am a newbie to this ethical shopping thing so I am not an expert at finding things here. I am searching though and I love most of the stuff I find online but sometimes the shipping costs or exchange rate can be a bit discouraging to this university student.
This is my I don’t know what to do look! 😉
If you have a minute or 5 though go check out Watoto. They are awesome! They have a holistic child care ministry approach and it is beautiful to see what they are doing. The necklace I purchased was from Watoto’s Living Hope.  Living hope equips women with skills/vocational training and empowers them through income generating jobs.
Now here are a few pictures of me trying to to be a model! Haha jokes 😉 😉 but really this whole being in front of the camera thing is hard oh well I guess i will save that for another post.
Because looking in the distance = deep in thought




B. 🙂

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