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I know long time no post but that’s okay – I’m giving myself a little bit of grace. The weather was lovely this Sunday. Today was filled with a lot of church and a little bit of studying. I haven’t been able to totally have a day of rest but I am working on it.

This is my “why are my eyes closed in every picture?” look 😉





Tuli Necklace (it was preowned and I love it)

I am loving my new necklace. It is absolutely beautiful and also from an ethical brand. I am trying to be more intentional and i’m on a quest to support slow fashion. It is hard to break a habit of purchasing whatever is pretty and in front of me and sometimes I rationalize and do it. 😦 This is where grace comes in though. I love that making a mistake, or falling short of my plans/goals are not the end of the world. Truly it is wonderful giving myself a break while at the same time challenging myself to keep my word and change my lifestyle. Life is a journey though and it does not always go according to plan. I think its important in those seasons that are hard to surround ourselves with encouragement. For me that means reading my bible and listening to a lot of worship music. Also surrounding myself with amazing encouraging people HELPS. This is what I want to do here in my little space of the internet. I want to encourage YOU to live intentionally and choose a conscious style. I want share how I am doing it, give some great tips about how I avoid going broke.  😜  😜The struggle is real people. Being a university student, working part time and choosing ethical fashion are not for the faint at heart. I can do this though with a lot of advance research, a dash of budgeting and a lot of grace.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!! ❤ What would you like to read about on the blog? Let me know!


B. 🙂

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