Not For Sale : National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

I struggled a lot trying to write this post. It’s January and its national human trafficking awareness month. I am a social action blogger but I honestly did not know what to say. I was talking to a friend though and I told her about how I am planning to contribute to anti-human trafficking efforts this month and she suggested I write about that. And voila 👇

I am a huge fan of COFFEE and this girl loves the flavoured drinks at Starbucks um white mocha anyone? That gave me an idea though. I thought about altering one habit for this month. One thing I can modify so that I can spend less money and then use that money to give back. So instead of buying coffee from Starbucks I buy coffee from Tim’s (medium double double is life) seriously though the savings add up!! I save up the difference and I am committing to giving that money to @wipeeverytear. January is the month I avoid Starbucks and other coffee shops like the plague!! 😂 😂 I mean a girl only has so much self control. 😛

This probably doesn’t seem  like a lot and honestly its not but it was something realistic I could do. I had been trying for a long time to spend less on coffee so this was definitely a win-win for me. Now this goal I set was realistic for me because I knew I couldn’t have gone without coffee but I could find cheaper alternatives and guess what I can live with out Starbucks although my tweens at church would totally deny that! 😉
So here’s to coffee and fighting human trafficking!!
Love, B. 🙂

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