2016 Dreaming

It’s the second week of January and I just finished writing out my goals for 2016. I have never been much of a new years resolution person. This year though I have decided to be more organized and to write out my goals. I am using dream guide sheets by Jennie Allen that caught my eye. It is very easy to use and personalize.

Living an intentional life is a general goal that I have for this year and these planning sheets allowed me to be more specific and to break down the word. I believe writing goals down keeps us accountable and so I wrote down my goals. I also wanted to write specific goals so that I am able to measure whether I have accomplished a goal and how well I have accomplished it. I am so very excited because this is my first time writing down my goals in such a specific manner.

I am nervous because some of the goals I have listed down have been a challenge for quite some time now. Exercising for example is something I haven’t done since a running study I did for U of C last year. My goal for this year is to exercise 3 times a week. I plan to make use of my gym membership at school. I am also getting help from my athletic sister on what videos to use, what to eat and other stuff like that. I am planning on reflecting every month on how I am doing to accomplish my goals.

I hope you all write down your goals, be specific, dig deep and spend your time wisely. Cheers!

Love, B. 🙂

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